Our Process

We are a creative firm with 40 years of success in developing strategies that define visual language. At Ciesa, we believe in our “Creative Together” concept, meaning when you become our client, you’ve joined our team. You partner with our Leadership Team and together we develop a plan that best achieves your goals.

We listen. It all starts with getting to know your business and its culture. We learn what it is you’re looking for, and use our years of experience to understand your current needs and look beyond to your goals for the future.

Next we develop a comprehensive plan that meets the needs and vision you’ve communicated to us. We will lay out our strategy, which includes goals, solutions, and budgets so that you can see the whole picture and be on board before we take each new step.

Here we begin to put creative ideas into action. Our team starts bouncing ideas off each other to develop the design language that will be used. This is the fun part that our designers love. We will present you with different options that will work to execute the plan we’ve developed. This gives you an opportunity to bounce your ideas back to us.

Finally, we take everything we’ve talked about, mulled over, and thoroughly digested, and implement our plans to help you achieve your goals.