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East Lansing Art Festival Logo

East Lansing Art Festival

Collateral & Website

The East Lansing Art Festival needed a brand to help move the arts marketplace, corporate sponsorship, and promotional reach to the next level.

Beginning with poster design, Board Member Lauren Ciesa applied his deep understanding of the event to create its visual identity. Helping move the festival into the 21st century, we designed the festival’s website (elartfest.org). It includes artist application as well as visitor information, all accessible on multiple platforms. Nodding to the past, the award-winning 50th anniversary poster introduced a new logo.

The last 25 years of strong identity work has been vital to the festival’s Top 100 art fair ranking, effective promotions, and strong organization.

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East Lansing Art Festival Logo

East Lansing Art Festival Support Video

Promotional Video

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Greene Wealth Management Logo

Greene Wealth Management

Brand Identity

Greene Wealth Management, while maintaining an established clientele, felt that they were not reaching the younger end of the market, the point at which financial planning is most crucial. They approached CiesaDesign to develop an updated brand in hopes of reaching that market. In the early stages of researching the brand, it came out that they were also considering changing their firm’s name. Through additional research and exercises to help them through the process, CiesaDesign helped them to embrace a new version of their old name, and also to develop an entirely new visual identity that uses meaningful colors to illustrate the financial path.

Floressence Surfaces Logo

Floressence Surfaces

Brand Identity

Website: floressencesurfaces.com

Floressence Surfaces is a new branch of an established Mid-Michigan company featuring high-end natural and manufactured flooring materials. Ciesa Design named, branded, and built the website for the new company.

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Roberts Sinto Logo

Roberts Sinto Corporation

Website: robertssinto.com

Roberts Sinto Corporation is part of a worldwide family of companies with an international reputation in the metal casting industry. CiesaDesign has provided ‘Sinto’ with services from trade show booth conceptualization and design to promotional posters and website development for nearly 10 years. In 2017, CiesaDesign completed a reorganization and update of Sinto’s six corporate websites, aligning the established brand throughout the various companies’ websites. The new websites bring the companies up to the current standard in web design, technology and security.

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Pure Michigan Logo

Michigan Economic Development Corp.

Website: MichiganBusiness.org

The MEDC’s rebranded website needed to better promote Michigan’s business opportunities to start-ups and firms poised to expand.

Our design solution assimilated input from site selectors, regional partners, business leaders, internal subject matter experts, and state agencies. Parallax animation of photography and text engages visitors and leaves them with a memorable experience. The user-friendly site selection database provides access to 10,000+ commercial property listings. The back-end code creates seamless interaction across platforms and devices.

The redesigned site effectively showcases Michigan with easy navigation to a wealth of information and tools.

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Michigan Chamber Logo

Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Website: michamber.com

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce is a large organization with an equally large and intricate website. The Chamber’s previous website was analyzed, and the content and functionality were reorganized into a more efficient and user-friendly interface.

Ciesa Design developed the website using Drupal as the content management system and best practices in responsive design.

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MSU IT Department Logo


Website: tech.msu.edu

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The new tech.msu.edu was the culmination of a comprehensive process that redefined and redeveloped the entire website of the IT Department at Michigan State University. The process included analysis of current website use to correlate audience and access, presenting a written report on findings and recommendations, and mapping out a streamlined architecture and user experience. With a tested and approved I/A, which mapped all current content to the new proposed architecture, focus shifted to development of wireframes demonstrating page-by-page content placement and functionality. With testing and finalization of wireframes completed, visual design exploration began. All visual concepts adhered strictly to MSU brand standards, WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards, and followed responsive design principles for optimization of functionality. Comprehensive PSD files were then delivered, along with HTML, CSS, and Javascript code for conversion into the CMS.

Spin Bicycles Logo

Spin Bicycle Shop

Brand Identity

The owners of SPIN Bicycle, a full service bicycle shop, wanted to convey their brand and establish themselves as the premier cycling store in Old Town Lansing.

The bicycle chain. So simple So essential to getting from here to there. We transformed this bicycle part into a bold, simple yet elegant chain “S.” The design won the firm’s first national gold AAF (formerly ADDY) Award. A 3-D version of it hangs above the storefront.

This strong identity has helped SPIN grow from a part-time start-up to a full-time business in its expanded location.

Turner Street Film Festival Logo

Turner Street Outdoor Theater

Promotional Posters

A first-time summer venue for the Capital City Film Festival, the Turner Street Outdoor Theatre needed to promote four outdoor events.

This was a chance to have fun, and we did. Working collaboratively, four designers each created a “ticket” to promote one event. A partial image of a main movie character appears on each ticket. Stacked vertically together, the four tickets combine visually to create a playful and intriguing figure. The image worked successfully as a poster, on the web, and on street banners.

The image created excitement and successfully promoted attendance at the events.

Potter Park Zoo

Potter Park Zoo

Website: potterparkzoo.org

In the fall of 2017, the new website for Potter Park Zoo was launched. The Zoo had come to CiesaDesign to bring their website to modern visual, technical and accessibility standards. The fresh new design features imagery that is unique to the Zoo. Information has been organized in a more accessible format, and the site is fully responsive in order allow Zoo visitors to quickly access information on their hand-held devices as they make their way through the park.

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Michigan Fitness Foundation

Michigan Fitness Foundation

Promotional Billboards

The Michigan Fitness Foundation had run a campaign for a number of years: They Learn From Watching You. The messaging is provided by the USDA, and has two sub texts: "Eat more fruits and veggies and your kids will too" and “Be active and your kids will too”. The goal was to prepare a unique new visual style to bring attention to a long term campaign that was losing recognition. The solution was to use bright, sharp images of children “looking up” from the bottom edge of the board to the headline, and to combine a simple graphic photo representing the fruits and veggies or the activity. This series of two boards each for three phases of the campaign was met with community approval and acceptance, and recognition is currently being measured for comparison to previous years’ efforts.


MSU - Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology

Website: hub.msu.edu

In their own words "the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology leverages MSU’s energy and inventiveness by connecting people, designing opportunities, and facilitating innovation.” They knew that in order to present themselves properly, they a needed a website as unique as their mission. MSU has defined brand guidelines that must be integrated into every MSU-based website. After an initial meeting, the team at the HUB knew that CiesaDesign was the firm that could take their unique proposition and blend it into the MSU brand in a way which would follow the guidelines as well as let the world know that they were something different.

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Great Lakes Folk Festival

Great Lakes Folk Festival

Poster Design

The Great Lakes Folk Festival, presented by The Michigan State University Museum, is an event filled with music, dance and culture from across America and around the world.

Our poster design for 2017 was a deconstruction of instrumental elements that would give you an experience of sound and music through their visual vibration.

Results: The poster, through it's vibrant colors and concept of sound through visual language, got people to experience some feelings of what the event would be like, before attending.

Silver Bells in the City

Silver Bells in the City

Poster Design

“Silver Bells in the City” is an annual holiday event held in downtown Lansing consisting of several activities and attractions culminating in a parade, lighting of the official State Christmas Tree, and fireworks. Having produced a decade’s worth of posters for the event, we decided to eschew the use of obvious traditional imagery from past posters: Christmas trees, bells, snowflakes, and bows. We selected one of the many small attractions, Santa’s reindeer, and decorated the reindeer’s antlers like a Christmas tree. Mixed in with the lights are ornaments, each one representing an event or attraction visitors can enjoy at “Silver Bells in the City.”

In addition to the main poster, the project also required posters for two supporting events: “Breakfast with Santa” and the “Silver Bells 5K Run”. We made the poster series into a triptych, altering colors and changing the ornaments and other elements to represent the specifics of those events.

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The Company

CiesaDesign is a collective of creative individuals with a unique approach to solving problems. We collaborate. We have conversations. We sketch. We think out loud. We listen. And, oh, we design, too!

CiesaDesign represents the best possible mash-up of creative collaboration and expertise. Through our collective experience, we’re a high-performance team capable of delivering the work that makes our clients happy. We pay attention and continually evolve to improve our practice. That’s not something that comes easy. We work hard at it. And CiesaDesign makes it work…for you.

CiesaDesign is a creative space where ideas are expressed in elegant visual form and anchored by solid strategic thinking. It’s the space in between a start and a finish, full of excitement and opportunity. The creative space forms whenever we are collaborating to solve our client’s needs, whether in print, digital media, or strategy. This is the space where the CiesaDesign team lives and thrives. It’s where we pause to ask “What’s next?” and listen for the answer.

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