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We are creative individuals with a unique approach — teaming up with talented artists and consultants to creatively find solutions to achieve your goals. With over four decades of experience, our high-performance team is capable of producing award winning results.


Beginning in the 1980s, CiesaDesign became well known for its expertise in design and branding. When the World Wide Web was created in the 1990s, we were quick to add a web development division, owning one of the first-ever Macintosh 512 computers. In 2018, CiesaDesign expanded with the introduction of a strategic communications team, offering clients innovative marketing and advertising concepts using a variety of digital and print platforms. The combination of these previous experiences and new capabilities formed our new name and brand, Ciesa.

What We Do

At Ciesa, we work in many disciplines to provide you with just what you need to bring your creative goals to life.
We collaborate together as a team, guided by our Creative Directors.

As designers, we cover all facets of print, web and social media design. This includes publication design, branding, website design, print ads, posters, outdoor billboards, video and more. If it can be printed, posted, watched, or uploaded, we can design it.

Strategy is the process of looking at your needs and finding the best solution that will propel your vision forward. This might include marketing, a social media campaign strategy, branding promotion and usage.

Development is a big word, but it’s quite simple; we build the websites we design for you. We speak the language of the internet and mobile applications. Our philosophy is that all people should be able to use and access technology. As a result, we are a champion for accessibility and inclusion. We can also do content and UI reviews of your current site and give recommendations to improve its accessibility.

With a 40-year track record and experience, we have gained insight into what works best and what doesn’t work for your needs.

We have relationships across the state with top designers, photographers, videographers, and storytellers to ensure that you’ll get the best creative solutions for you.