Jackie Warner

Creative and Project Services

Project Manager/Encourager and recovering cat lady.

Jackie is the kind of project manager you can only dream about. Smart, funny, uber-experienced, and completely obsessed with getting it right. If there’s an error to be found, she’ll catch it (thank heavens)! If there’s a deadline to meet, she’ll beat it! She collaborates on many projects at Ciesa, but is most notable for producing Michigan’s monthly State Bar Journal. Jackie has been working in the graphic arts business for over three decades and has established a stellar reputation as a production artist and project manager as a result of, well, crushing it for 30 years! Earned. Period. But, she’ll be the first to tell you that her education continues at Ciesa, as she’s constantly learning and influenced by the talented young designers she now has the privilege to work with. And, happily, occasionally teaching them a thing or two!